Negin Nazarian

Dr Negin Nazarian

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Dr. Negin Nazarian is a Scientia Senior Lecturer at UNSW Sydney. Negin is an urban climatologist and focuses on understanding the complex interactions between the built environment and climate systems, with a keen interest in how these dynamics impact people. Her notable accolades include the prestigious 2023 Timothy Oke Award for Original Research in Urban Overheating, highlighting her pioneering contributions to the field. Negin leads the Climate-Resilient Cities (CRC) research lab, a multidisciplinary team dedicated to addressing pressing challenges of urban climate, particularly focusing on urban heat exposure and ventilation. The CRC's mission is dedicated to advancing urban climate modeling, refining urban canopy parameterizations, and employing urban climate informatics to enhance personalized heat exposure assessments. Prior to her tenure at UNSW, Dr. Nazarian served as the SMART Scholar at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology following her graduation from the University of California San Diego.